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Where can I find out whether my provider is registered and whether my course is an AQF qualification?

If you are studying through a VET provider, you can find this information on the National Register of VET on

If you are studying through a higher education provider, this information can be found on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency’s website under the National Register of Higher Education Providers.

AQF qualifications can be found on the national registers listed above, unless they have been accredited by a self-accrediting higher education provider. If you are studying at a self-accrediting higher education provider, contact the institution or search their website to seek further information about their courses.

What are professional qualifications?

Professional associations or boards specify the qualifications required for professional practice. Some professional associations also accredit specific courses at institutions for entry into a particular profession. More information on this can be found by searching the website of the professional association for your field of study/profession.