The AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training
The AQF links education and the labour market
The AQF sets the standards for Australia’s qualifications
The AQF is a flexible, contemporary framework of Australia’s qualifications
The AQF is Australia’s National Qualifications Framework
The AQF builds confidence in qualifications
The AQF supports the development of pathways to assist people to move easily through education and training and work
The AQF supports lifelong learning
The AQF underpins regulatory and quality assurance arrangements for education and training
The AQF supports national and international mobility of graduates and workers
The AQF enables comparability of Australian and international qualifications
AQF qualifications are the currency of the labour market

About the AQF Register

All AQF qualifications are quality assured.

The AQF Register enables the verification of AQF qualifications.

The AQF Register is a register of:

  • AQF qualifications and the organisations authorised to issue those qualifications
  • organisations authorised to accredit AQF qualifications

The AQF Register comprises a portal with links to a number of authorised registers of issuing authorities (providers) and qualifications.

The  AQF Qualifications Register Policy sets out the responsibilities for the information on the AQF Register.

Using the Registers to find AQF Qualifications and Providers authorised to issue them

The authorised registers that make up the AQF Register cover qualifications accredited in the three education sectors, namely the higher education, vocational education and training and secondary education sectors. This is because qualifications are accredited along sectoral lines. See the overview of the Australian education system.

The Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate DiplomaMasters Degree and Doctoral Degree qualifications are accredited in the higher education sectorIf you would like to find an AQF qualification issued by an authorised self-accrediting higher education provider (e.g. by universities) or by an authorised non self-accrediting higher education provider about any of these qualifications, click on National Register of Higher Education Providers for your search. This register lists all providers, including authorised self-accrediting higher education providers.  You will need to undertake your search for qualifications through this register’s provider search engine.

NOTE These websites may also list non-AQF awards. You will need to check whether these are AQF qualifications.  AQF qualifications are identified by the AQF qualification type title.

The Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced DiplomaGraduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma qualifications are accredited in the vocational education and training sector. If you are seeking information about any of these qualifications and the organisations authorised to issue those qualifications, use the web site for your search. You can find a qualification using the search engine on

The Senior Secondary Certificate of Education qualification type is accredited in the secondary education sector. If you are seeking information about a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education qualification, click on the authorised accrediting authority for the relevant state or territory listed on the Register of Accrediting Authorities.

Using the Register to find Authorised Accrediting Authorities

Qualifications are accredited on a sectoral basis: higher education, vocational education and training and secondary education.  There are bodies authorised to accredit the qualifications specified for each of the sectors.

If you would like to find out more about an accrediting authority for AQF qualifications in either higher education, vocational education and training or secondary education, go to the Register of Authorised Accrediting Authorities.