The AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training
The AQF links education and the labour market
The AQF sets the standards for Australia’s qualifications
The AQF is a flexible, contemporary framework of Australia’s qualifications
The AQF is Australia’s National Qualifications Framework
The AQF builds confidence in qualifications
The AQF supports the development of pathways to assist people to move easily through education and training and work
The AQF supports lifelong learning
The AQF underpins regulatory and quality assurance arrangements for education and training
The AQF supports national and international mobility of graduates and workers
The AQF enables comparability of Australian and international qualifications
AQF qualifications are the currency of the labour market

Titles and abbreviations of AQF qualifications

The AQF titles to be used are in the table below. Some further examples of abbreviations are below the table:

Qualification type Title Abbreviation
Senior Secondary Certificate of Education various according to state or territory  
Certificate I-IV  Certificate (I-IV) (field of study/discipline) Cert…(field abbreviated)
Diploma  Diploma (field of study/discipline) Dip…(field abbreviated)
Advanced Diploma  Advanced Diploma (field of study) AdvDip…(field abbreviated)
Associate Degree  Associate Degree (field of study/discipline) AssocD…(field abbreviated)
Bachelor Degree  Bachelor (field of study/discipline) B…(field abbreviated)
Graduate Certificate  Graduate Certificate (field of study/discipline) GradCert…(field abbreviated)
Graduate Diploma  Graduate Diploma (field of study/discipline) GradDip…(field abbreviated)
Masters Degree  Master (field of study/discipline) M…(field abbreviated)
Doctoral Degree  Doctor (field of study/discipline) D…(field abbreviated)


  • CertIIBus – Certificate II in Business
  • CertIVHosp – Certificate IV in Hospitality
  • AdvDipBldDes – Advanced Diploma of Building Design
  • AssocDEng – Associate Degree of Engineering
  • GradCertIT – Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
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